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Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan

24 May 2011

Bob Dylan © Barry Feinstein
Bob Dylan celebrates his 70th birthday today, May 24th, and after 34 studio albums, 13 live albums, 58 singles, and nine 'bootleg' series albums, he is as productive as ever. With his continuing 'Never Ending Tour', he also shows no signs of slowing down, while recent controversy over alleged censorship of his set list in China proves his early protest songs are still as relevant and resonant today as they ever were.

There are reportedly over 1000 books dedicated to Dylan's life and music but we believe none capture his spirit in quite the way as those produced by Genesis Publications:

In  THIN WILD MERCURY Jerry Schatzberg's photographs of Dylan in 1965-1966 distil the essence of an artist in flux as he created the seminal albums Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde and presented them to the public for the first time, standing in front of a raucously electrified rock'n'roll band - quite often to the disgust of his fans.

In contrast, Elliott Landy's photographs in  DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK find Dylan in reclusive contemplation. Recovering from a motorbike accident in 1966, and retreating from the glare of the spotlight in upstate New York for four years, Dylan is photographed sharing intimate, private moments with his family and enjoying quiet jams with The Band. No other photographer has captured Dylan's personal life quite as intimately as Elliott Landy.

Perhaps the only one to come close is Barry Feinstein - arguably Dylan's favourite photographer - who was the only person to capture two of Dylan's most legendary tours through the UK in 1966 and across America in 1974. The best of those images - including the iconic shot of Dylan at Aust Ferry terminal in Bristol; as used on the cover of Martin Scorcese's No Direction Home - are collected in  REAL MOMENTS, every hand-bound copy of which includes a numbered limited edition print signed by Feinstein himself.

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This offer is only available until Sunday May 29th.

Left: Photograph © Barry Feinstein Photography / 

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Dylan in Woodstock A Signed Limited Edition Book

Dylan in Woodstock

Elliott Landy


Real Moments Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein

Real Moments

Barry Feinstein


Thin Wild Mercury Touching Dylan's Edge

Thin Wild Mercury

Jerry Schatzberg


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