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FACES Now Available to Pre-order

17 May 2011

FACES The New Signed Limited Edition BookThe official FACES signed limited edition by Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones is available to pre-order today.

'It was all parties and rock'n'roll, everything you could think of a rock star should be doing and we did it to the fullest and beyond...' - Kenney Jones

'Through hundreds of photographs, many of them never seen before, FACES captures the, 'grit, charm, mischief, soul, style and wicked sense of humour'... of one of 'Britain's greatest contributions to rock-n-roll.' - From Slash's Foreword

For the first time, Ronnie, Mac and Kenney tell their own story of the music, sex, drugs and Holiday Inns:

'We were the sponsors of Holiday Inn and Marriott, and anywhere we could get banned from. We used to call them the Holiday Out.' - Ronnie Wood

'We played hard and fast. We looked good and we were having a good time, and the kids liked it.' - Ian McLagan

FACES is offered exclusively to Genesis subscribers at a preferential rate.
Order ahead of formal announcements in the press, at a Genesis subscriber pre-publication price. Official publication: September 2011.

Click here to view our new microsite and order your copy.

Left: The Faces © Copyright Dan Shannon

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