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FACES Goes To Print

23 Jun 2011

As we speak, FACES is being printed in Milan, Italy. The Genesis team has been on hand to oversee and approve each page as they came off the press - making sure that every image and every piece of text reproduced to the very highest quality. Shown below are the Genesis team and printers in action.

Top Row: The publishers and printer discuss the colour consistency of the sheet; each sheet is individually signed-off and approved for printing.

Middle Row: Once signed-off, the printing team produce an entire section of pages ready for folding and binding.

Bottom Row: Some of the many instruments used in the printing process - the colour calibrator makes sure the colours are consistent; the aluminium stamper sheets are used to place the ink on the page; and just one of many paper feeders making sure every sheet is aligned perfectly when going through the press.

FACES is available to pre-order now and includes an exclusive £50 early ordering discount.

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