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Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones visit Genesis for book unveiling

27 Oct 2011

Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones visit Genesis for book unveiling

This week at Genesis House Gallery & Reading Rooms Ronnie Wood joined band mate Kenney Jones for a reception and unveiling of their new book FACES 1969-75.

'Making the book we went through so many photos it brought back memories and, when we were finished, I looked through and it actually brought a tear to my eye. I thought it was just me but then I spoke to Woody and he said exactly the same thing happened to him.'
Kenney Jones

Among many Genesis subscribers who attended (thank you to everyone who came) Ronnie and Kenney were also joined by Faces front man, Mick Hucknall, and British Pop Artist, Sir Peter Blake.

'A lot of the time in the Faces we were so bored, hanging around in places where they didn't even know how to make a salad... It's amazing how such great things can come out of being bored.'
Ronnie Wood

An  8-week exhibit commemorates the book's launch. 100 pages are blown up and reproduced on the Genesis gallery walls. Visitors are invited to stroll through the band's glory years from their first steps in 1969, to their split in 1975. Also on display are 5 new paintings by Ronnie, seen for the first time. Entitled 'The Famous Flames Suite', the paintings capture the Rolling Stones in performance.

Visits to the Reading Rooms are by appointment. Details of private events, including weekend author book-signings, are soon to be announced. For those interested in attending, please register here.

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