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Your COMMENTS - The Traveling Wilburys

22 Feb 2010

Copies of THE TRAVELING WILBURYS limited edition are being delivered to subscribers all over the world. Here are a few of the many kind comments we have been receiving:

R. Lestoquoit, Subscriber, France
My Traveling Wilburys book has arrived which means that I can finally stop waiting for the postman! 20 years is a long wait isn't it? As usual, but I don't like this expression because each Genesis book is unusual, the quality is perfect, better than you would expect. The box is exceptional with its striped colourful velvet pattern; the cover, a soft touch; the photos, just as if I had taken them myself with my own old Polaroid; a family hobby quality, but they're historical! The words express the solid friendship of these men and all the pleasure they had being together and recording their unbeatable music. I love everything; just thinking that Brian (Roylance) and George had planned this book 20 years ago makes it THE Genesis book any music fan or art book collector could dream of. The text and the pictures are "simple" but they are full of fun and love. I am proud to own this. Thank you very much to all at Genesis, thank you George, Brian, and the Wilburys. Glad to see Jim Keltner and Jim Horn, the other 5th Beatle or 6th Wilbury too!
Would like to say a big thank you to all connected with the publication and presentation of the Traveling Wilburys book and, for that matter, all previous publications I have received from your company. Nice to read the book and get a good idea of how much respect they had for each other when you think of their backgrounds in the music scene.

B. Bosso, Subscriber, USA
Let me weigh in with my comments on the fantastic Traveling Wilburys book. I received my copy yesterday but didn't open the package until this morning. As always with Genesis shipments I receive, I was surprised by a few things just upon opening the package! The beautiful folder with the facsimile of George's lyrics to 'Handle with Care' greeted me, and then I saw the whimsical "Handle with Care" sticker securing the brown paper wrap around the book itself. The cover that contains the book has the most fantastic design on it- it was actually mesmerising me!
When I opened the book, I decided that the plate bearing Jeff Lynne's autograph was one of the best that you have designed so far. I was compelled to immediately begin reading until I realised that I was becoming late for work! My favourite touch, though, was the inclusion throughout the book of smaller bound pages containing the facsimile handwritten lyrics. These were a delight every time they showed up upon the turn of a page!
I haven't even mentioned the content of the book yet. The text was some of the most intriguing that I have read in any Genesis title although perhaps I think so because I loved the Wilburys so much. What a magical, once-in-a-lifetime group!
Thanks again for outdoing any other publisher in the world. I know there are a few imitators out there now, but Genesis sets the standards that are incomparable.

J. Bezzini, Subscriber, USA
Received the Travelling Wilbury book yesterday. Fantastic as usual.
Thank you for producing such quality work.

Shown below - From left; the outer box packaging, the 'whimsical "Handle with Care" sticker securing the brown paper wrap', the limited edition book and slipcase with its 'exceptional striped colourful velvet pattern', and limited edition lyric sheet.

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The Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys


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