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Jimmy Page Talks About His New Genesis Limited Edition

25 Oct 2010

Jimmy Page © Kate SimonIn the latest issue of the bi-annual arts magazine, Lid, Jimmy Page talks about his new limited edition book, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page.

With a portfolio of photographs from the book and contributions from photographers Michael Zagaris and Kate Simon - author of the acclaimed Genesis limited edition Rebel Music - the interview, by the book's photo editor Dave Brolan, sees Jimmy go into more depth than ever before about the making of this ground-breaking limited edition.

Kate Simon: 'It makes sense that Jimmy would work with Genesis on a book of this magnitude because they are the most civilised publisher on the planet. Catherine and Nick are lovely people who are as devoted to their craft as Jimmy is to his. Their books are printed on the finest papers and made by craftsmen of the highest calibre. Jimmy was thorough and focused in orchestrating the creation of this book... he's a hard-working artist.'

Lid is available to order from the website [] but we've printed a short extract from the interview below as a taster.

Dave Brolan: How did you become involved with Genesis Publications?

Jimmy Page: I had actually bought one of their George Harrison and Ravi Shankar books so I was aware of the quality that they strove for. I had seen some of their catalogue so I fully understood the pure quality that was their benchmark - the printing, the binding, and everything else.

Dave Brolan: This is quite unlike any other book though.

Jimmy Page: I rather like to try something that somebody else hasn't done before, even if it's of epic proportions which, quite clearly with the amount of photographers and images that were going to need to be trawled in, this was going to be quite something.

Dave Brolan: It's entirely appropriate that you should choose to do a photographic book as the camera was there right at the beginning of your musical career and is always present in one way or another.

Jimmy Page: I liked the idea of doing something from the first shot where I was involved with music, curiously enough taken when I was a choirboy, by the choirmaster who was an amateur photographer... The whole point here is that it's a life in music and so I can see I'm really living it, the way that I was living it. Considering this starts off properly in 1958 or whatever with the Tony Busson pictures, it's a bunch of kids that have got this rock & roll ethic in their dreams you know? Although those dreams don't necessarily translate beyond a front room in somebody's house, it's living that sort of dream their own way and you can see this attitude, I love those photos.

Dave Brolan: There were thousands of pictures for you to consider, how was the experience, seeing your life from a visual, rather than your more familiar musical point of view?

Jimmy Page: Well, I'll be perfectly honest, as you're collating the photographs
there does come a point where you say, 'Well I think I've finished for the day,' because, you know, I'm starting to look...(laughing) Well, you're aging in front of your eyes and of course people don't normally go through that so intensely.

Dave Brolan: How did you decide to caption some of the images?

Jimmy Page: the story behind a picture can sometimes be a little disappointing rather than just looking at it and enjoying it for what it is and making you own conclusions, and I certainly apply that to listening to music too. I don't really want too much imagery around it, I don't want to see videos with music, I want to hear what was going on in the studio, the creative process. So I intentionally kept the written information minimal. There was a lot of reflection and thought about the captioning but I really honed it down so that it didn't become boring to read it again the second time around. It's setting the scene.

Dave Brolan: Overall, do you think the book achieved what you set out to do, your original idea of a career in photographs?

Jimmy Page: What I was trying convey was the whole gathering of time and living, very passionately, my role in music, what became a career in music. And this illustrates all of that so in those terms it's a success.

Photograph © Kate Simon
Rebel Music: Bob Marley & Roots Reggae Photographs by Kate Simon

Rebel Music: Bob Marley & Roots Reggae

Kate Simon


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