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Jackie Stewart's 'Spectacular' Grand Prix Album

27 May 2010

Jackie Stewart's 'Spectacular' Grand Prix Album

Sir Jackie Stewart gave an entertaining press conference in London to mark the publication of his new 'Grand Prix Album', COLLAGE.

Since the new book draws on the scrapbooks his wife Lady Helen compiled during 196473, Sir Jackie said he felt free to lavish the praise he felt the 'truly unusual' book deserved.

'The book is spectacular,' he said,  'Spectacularly beautifully bound attractive in every respect.' At the media reception, held yesterday evening at the Caledonian Club, Sir Jackie also spoke about his other favourite books by Genesis, such as Concert For George.

The Genesis publishing house he described as 'a company which has produced jewels' and before closing the conference, the F1 driver added, 'This book is going around the world and is going to sell out'.

Only 1,500 copies of COLLAGE will ever be created. Each numbered book is traditionally leather-bound by hand, and individually signed by the motor racing legend himself, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Top: Photo by Ingrid Weel

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