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Jackie Stewart's new book COLLAGE: a 'Grand Prix Album'

29 Mar 2010

Jackie Stewart's new book COLLAGE: a 'Grand Prix Album'

For George Harrison he was ‘The Master of Going Faster’ and only last year GQ placed him on their magazine cover as ‘The Greatest Racing Driver Who Ever Lived’.  Sir Jackie Stewart is also a passionate collector of Genesis books and it was this that led him to propose a limited edition facsimile of the 17 Grand Prix albums that take pride of place in his home.

The ‘extra-large format’ volumes contain cuttings, driver passes, historical memorabilia, unseen photographs, and notes from legendary friends such as Steve McQueen and iconic racing drivers such as Graham Hill and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Genesis now presents these ’collages’ in facsimile, added to which Jackie has provided personal anecdotes and inside stories.  The result is a high-octane ride through the halcyon era of motor racing that was both thrilling – and also perilously dangerous.

While savouring all the extreme highs that Formula One had to offer, Jackie also experienced the profound loss of many fellow drivers. The triumphs and tragedies of that ‘rocket ship’ decade are now chronicled in the most dramatic fashion, retelling an exceptional time in Formula One racing, 1964–‘73.

Including only 99 Deluxe copies, fully-bound in fine-grain black leather, this new signed limited edition is now available to pre-order and early reservations are recommended. Finished copies will be shipping as of May 1st.
Collage Jackie Stewart's Grand Prix Album


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