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Ferrari celebrates Jackie Stewart's COLLAGE

12 Jul 2010

Ferrari celebrates Jackie Stewart's COLLAGE
Sir Jackie Stewart's new limited edition book COLLAGE was given a champagne reception at an exclusive event for UK Ferrari owners last week. The three times World Champion was invited to reminisce about his racing career and introduce his new book at an unveiling of Ferrari's '458 Italia' supercar.

Ferrari marked Sir Jackie's visit by providing a 2006 F1 car and a 599 GTO for display and the new Genesis book shared showroom space with a number of other rare and exotic cars.

Friends in attendance included former drivers who had raced for Colonel Ronnie Hoare’s “Maranello Racing” team – Jack Sears, Mike Salmon, Richard Attwood and David Piper.

Sir Jackie Stewart personalised books throughout the evening, and closed the night by presenting Roger Penske with a complimentary copy from the COLLAGE limited edition. Penske spoke about his own successes in motor racing, including an incredible 15 wins at the iconic Indianapolis 500.

To order your book personally signed by Sir Jackie Stewart, click here or call Genesis today on +44 (0) 1483 540 970.

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