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The Who - 'slip Kid' Exclusive

09 Jul 2008

The Who - 'slip Kid' Exclusive
This Saturday, 12th July, The Who will be played tribute to at the VH1 Rock Honours show by performances from artists including Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. The highlight is sure to be when The Who take to the stage and close the evening with a 40-minute rendition of 'Slip Kid', their first live performance of the song in over 30 years. Producer Bill Curbishley who was touring with the boys at this time in 1976 recollects what it was like.

Curbishley: 'The superlatives were now becoming commonplace and the consistency of the performance won them the title of the 'world's finest rock band'.'

'Looking back now, it seems incredible that Seattle on October 14th was to prove to be Keith Moon's last concert with the Who in the States. On that night they ripped apart a crowd of 15,000 delirious fans leaving the USA and 1976 exhausted and on a high, carrying with them one complete policeman's uniform purchased from a dazed and confused cop.'

The above is an excerpt from Bill's insightful introduction to 'The Who Live', the signed limited edition from Genesis. Click here to learn more.

Click here to read more about VH1's special tribute to the Mod rockers.

Photo © Michael Zagaris

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