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Steven Spielberg & Damian Lewis Join The Ranks!

20 Oct 2008

Steven Spielberg & Damian Lewis Join The Ranks!
Steven Spielberg on the set of Band of Brothers

Steven Spielberg has contributed a poignant Afterword to Easy Company – In Photographs. Along with Tom Hanks, Spielberg produced the award-winning HBO series, Band of Brothers, that presented Easy Company on screen. The producers asked the surviving veterans to advise on historical accuracy when re-telling the story of their journey from D-Day to the capture of Hitler’s ‘impenetrable’ fortress in the Alps, dubbed ‘The Eagles Nest’.

‘[Tom Hanks and I] reflected as we got to know these men that most of us had a friend or relative that had demonstrated the same selflessness, the same dedication to a concern larger than themselves when the nation’s need was greatest. In my case, it was my dad... Getting to know the Easy Company Band of Brothers gave me new perspectives on my father’s character and on his life and times before I came into being.’ Steven Spielberg [from his Afterword].

For the lead role of Easy’s commanding officer, Major Richard Winters, Spielberg and Hanks cast the English actor Damian Lewis. Besides signing all copies in the Deluxe edition of Easy Company – In Photographs, Lewis has also contributed a fascinating new interview, to be included within every book.

‘There can be nothing more epic or heroic than what they did. I think the actions really do speak for themselves and these photos that you’ve found are unbelievably evocative. I can’t wait to see it fully bound and finished. It’s going to be a fantastic gift for people, or to have in your home.’ Damian Lewis

To order your copy of this historic limited edition, please click here.

Steven Spielberg on the set of Band of Brothers

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Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

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