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Shine A Light - The Rolling Stones & Martin Scorsese

12 Mar 2008

Shine A Light - The Rolling Stones & Martin Scorsese
Shine A Light, the Rolling Stones- eagerly awaited motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese, is to be released worldwide this April. It starts on 2nd April with the UK premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square being beamed by satellite to 100 specially selected cinemas across the country, then follows on the 4th with a general release at the massive IMAX cinemas across the USA. For more information visit the official websites (US) and (UK).

Directed by legendary Oscar winner Martin Scorsese, filmed over two nights at the Beacon Theater, New York - from 29th October to 1st November 2006 - and interspersed with archive footage, Shine A Light takes you up front and backstage with The Rolling Stones.

Scorsese hoped the film -might give some sense of what it-s like as a working band on stage, for generations to come, for them to see this and appreciate who the band are.- Talking about the band-s performance that night, Keith Richards has said: -Once we-re up there it-s let-s go, we-re The Rolling Stones, man, we want to give them the best show we-ve got and we want to give ourselves the best show we-ve got. We always want to impress ourselves.- And it would seem that, yet again, they-ve done so. The film has already been shown at The Berlin Film Festival where critics praised it for -capturing the very essence of the Stones in performance-.

Genesis Publications has published many books about the Rolling Stones and were honored to work with them directly in creating the limited edition book TOTA -75. In 1975 Mick Jagger had a similar vision to that behind Shine A Light: he wanted to show the fans just what it was like to tour as The Rolling Stones. The band employed Christopher Simon Sykes to document an entire 40-date tour and, 30 years later, through nearly 500 photographs, an extensive tour diary, set lists, tour schedules, postcards and notes from the tour manager, TOTA is the definitive behind-the-scenes account of their 1975 tour of the Americas.

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