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Lost Interview Found - The Beatles 1964

01 Jul 2008

Lost Interview Found - The Beatles 1964
A nine-minute tape of the Fab Four recorded for Scottish Television in April 1964 has been recovered from a damp London garage. The band are interviewed for Roundup, a children's current affairs show, and gives an insight into the how Lennon and McCartney first met and how they wrote songs together.

'Sometimes we write them on old pianos or anything that's lying around, guitars and things. Normally we sit down and try and bash one out.' McCartney

They had previously appeared on the same show a year earlier (January 1963) performing Please, Please Me - which a month later would become their first UK Number One single. Michael Ward was there on that day, Feb 13 1963, and a stunning print and book set of his images and recollections is available in 'A Day In The Life'.

The entire 'Lost Beatles Interview' will air today at 13.30 on BBC Radio 4 (and again at 15.30 on Saturday 5 July).

Photo © Michael Ward - 'A Day In The Life'

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A Day In The Life Photographs of The Beatles by Michael Ward

A Day In The Life

Michael Ward


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