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D-day - 64 Years On

09 Jun 2008

D-day - 64 Years On
Friday June 6th marked the 64th anniversary of D-Day, the day on which 75,215 British and Canadian troops and 57,500 US troops invaded Nazi-occupied Europe. To mark the anniversary a remembrance celebration is held every year in Normandy, centering upon the town of Ste-Mere-Eglise. It is a time for the courageous acts of the troops to be remembered and an emotional return for many war veterans. It is also a chance for the public to engage with re-enactions of the dramatic events of 64 years ago.

The invasion of Normandy was the largest amphibious assault ever launched. It involved five army divisions in the first assault; 7,000 ships and 11,000 aircraft. Several airborne divisions played a particularly crucial role in the opening phase of Operation Overlord which began just minutes past midnight on June 6th 1944. Amongst the most famed is Easy Company, 506th PIR. The company's actions saved countless lives as their exploits behind enemy lines severed chances of German counter attacks and rendered gun batteries inoperable.

To pay tribute to Easy Company, Genesis publications is producing a stunning photographic and narrative history of the company, providing fascinating insight into their actions. 'Easy Company 506th PIR in Photographs' will follow each phase of their training and campaigns. The book also features the private photographs, diary extracts, original maps and previously unseen records of Major Richard D Winters. This beautiful limited edition is a poignant way to commemorate the anniversary of both D-Day and the incredible history of Easy Company.

To be released soon, click here to register your interest and receive exclusive news updates.

Top Image: 1944 - Members of Easy Company with captured enemy machine guns
Bottom Image: 2008 - Re-enactors from the Anniversary Celebration

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Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment - In Photographs

Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

The Men of Easy Company

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