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Brian Roylance In Memoriam (1945-2005)

04 Apr 2008

Brian Roylance In Memoriam (1945-2005)

To commemorate the passing of Brian Roylance, on his birthday this year (4th April) Genesis Publications is donating a football factory to the young men and women of Zambia. Brian had a well-known love of both football and Africa and we are sure he would be pleased to be associated with such a project.

A football factory provides young Africans a business opportunity: to replace imported plastic soccer balls with durable leather balls, locally made, ecologically friendly and easily mended. Employing 20 people and producing 600 balls a week they fill their order books by delivering to local schools.

In addition to the obvious benefits of sport and exercise, every ball carries an educational message about HIV/AIDS, malaria or TB, as appropriate for the area. Individual soccer balls are available to purchase, for a school or class, and can be ordered now from

Over the coming years we intend to support more projects overseas including the building of a village library in India, which will of course contain a selection of Genesis titles.

If you would like to read more about Brian Roylance or Genesis Publications please click here.

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