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Brian Epstein's Management Contract For Sale

15 Aug 2008

Brian Epstein's Management Contract For Sale
The Beatles' original management contract with Brian Epstein goes under the hammer this September and is expected to sell for a massive £250,000. It was originally signed by the boys in January 1962, with the fathers of Paul and George endorsing the document because their sons were under 21 at the time. Brian famously held back from endorsing the agreement until he had fulfilled his promise of a record contract, which he duly secured six months later and signed on October 1st 1962.

He would take 25% of earnings over £200 (approximately £3000 in today's money) per week and in return would 'undertake all necessary advertising and publicity for the Artists' and 'advise the Artists on all matters concerning clothes, make-up and the presentation and construction of the Artists' acts'.

For all enquiries about the auction please contact the Idea Generation Gallery on +44 (0)20 7749 6850.

Photo © Michael Peto - taken from Now These Days Are Gone

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Now These Days Are Gone  'Help!' The Beatles Photography by Michael Peto

Now These Days Are Gone

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