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Bob Dylan - The Drawn Blank Series

28 May 2008

Bob Dylan - The Drawn Blank Series
An exhibition of watercolour paintings by Bob Dylan is to start at the Halcyon Gallery, London, on the 14th June. Produced whilst on the road as he toured from 1989-92 the Drawn Blank Series is described by Dylan, 'as an effort to refocus a restless mind'. The 140 paintings recreate scenes of everyday life from hotel rooms and cityscapes to train tracks and wandering rivers. First exhibited in Germany last year and then published in Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series the images are available to purchase as signed fine-art prints.

Dylan with his copy of Flemish Painting from Bosch to Rubens
© Jerry Schatzberg from the Genesis signed limited edition Thin Wild Mercury

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Thin Wild Mercury Touching Dylan's Edge

Thin Wild Mercury

Jerry Schatzberg


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