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Beatles For Sale

06 Aug 2008

Beatles For Sale
A 30-minute tape of a Beatles recording session has sold for £9,800 at auction in the UK. The reel-to-reel recording was found in an attic and features The Beatles performing 10 songs, both their own and covers such as 'Honey Don't'. But the highlight is said to be their attempts to complete the recording of 'I'll Follow The Sun' during which Lennon and McCartney are frequently heard giggling and cracking jokes.

It is thought that the tape was made in 1964, when the band were riding the crest of a wave of popularity and high spirits and good humour were inevitable. That same year The Beatles toured the US for the first time to complete their musical domination of the globe, and the excitement of those times and the band's collective sense of fun are wonderfully captured by Curt Gunther's photographs of that tour, as presented in the Genesis limited edition Mania Days. Click here for more information.

Photo © Curt Gunther

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Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour The Photographs of Curt Gunther

Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour

Curt Gunther


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