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Adventurous Beatles Track Unearthed

18 Nov 2008

Adventurous Beatles Track Unearthed
Paul McCartney - 1967

Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed the existence of an unreleased Beatles track from 1967, one that many people believed was a myth until now. Sir Paul and George Harrison unearthed the track while they were researching the Beatles Anthology, but at the time it was considered too adventurous and the track was vetoed from inclusion.

Paul McCartney: I like it. Its very simplistic, quite nave. I like it because its The Beatles free, The Beatles going off piste.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 to be broadcast this Thursday (20th November) Sir Paul talks about the making of the experimental track, which he was asked to produce for an electronic music festival during the Summer of Love:

All I want you to do is just wander around all the stuff [in the studio], bang it, shout, play it, it doesn't need to make any sense. Hit a drum then wander on to the piano, hit a few notes, just wander around.

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Summer of Love The Making of Sgt Pepper by George Martin

Summer of Love

George Martin


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