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California Dreaming: F***ing Fabulous!

04 Dec 2007

California Dreaming: F***ing Fabulous!
Some of the wonderful contributor reviews we have already received for CALIFORNIA DREAMING:

Graham Nash: "F*cking fabulous!... If you've ever wanted to 'experience' the Sixties, this is the place to start your journey.... it was brilliantly captured in these images by my dear friend Henry Diltz... What a long, strange trip it was..."

Ned Doheny: "What's so great about the book is it's 'an inside job'. Henry was one of us, caught up in the same vision that captured us all and changed our lives forever."

Dewey Bunnell: "Back from our UK Tour... and I returned to find my contributor copy of Henry's book! Fantastic! Another great Genesis classic... only sorry that we were unable to attend the launch parties here in L.A. Thank you."

John Hartmann: "I really love California Dreaming. It is so elegant and true to Henry's class and style. This book is a profound heirloom of the greatest era in American popular music. The stars will dim and fade away, all but the greatest tunes will be forgotten; and future generations will know who we were, and what we did, through Henry's eyes."

Cyrus Faryar: "Dear Henry, thanks to you, there is some strange and wonderful magic in your camera that has rescued parts of the past and saved sweet moments that might have slipped by unnoticed that now, can live forever. Thank you for your pictures and your pen. And thank you Genesis for sending us so many memories so beautifully wrapped. We took the weighty tome inside and after the opening ceremony, turned every page."

Paul Zollo: "Henry's book arrived. I am stunned. It is so beautiful. It is more than I had hoped. It is so encompassing of Henry's spirit in every way, and the spirit of the times. Congratulations to you all."

Dave Zimmer: "I have now gone through CALIFORNIA DREAMING page-by-page and it really is stunning! I'm so impressed with how you presented so many of Henry's images (as well as his personal notes and journal entries) with running commentaries flowing throughout. Great job!!! What a story it tells of a photographer, time and place like no other. Thank you, again, for allowing me to be a part of this book; and I'm very happy and proud to have so many of my comments featured next to Henry's images. I will treasure it always."

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California Dreaming Memories & Visions of LA 1966-75, Photographs by Henry Diltz

California Dreaming

Henry Diltz, Graham Nash & over 45 contributors


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