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Victoria Jones Gallery Exhibition - Living With The Legends

13 Dec 2006

Victoria Jones Gallery Exhibition - Living With The Legends

On Thursday 7th December the Victoria Jones Gallery invited us to their opening night, their new 'Living With The Legends' exhibition, to show Genesis books alongside outstanding artwork.

Photographer Toby Cohen's portrait photography had everyone talking. Jerry Schatzberg, author of Thin Wild Mercury says: "I like Toby's work. Good eye and heart."

A selection of Genesis titles are available to browse and order throughout the exhibition which runs from December 7th-23rd, Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. Click here for more information.

Photo © Toby Cohen, 2006. Second from left is Vicky Jones (gallery director) with Genesis's Nick Roylance and Bruce Hopkins shown right.

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Thin Wild Mercury Touching Dylan's Edge

Thin Wild Mercury

Jerry Schatzberg


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