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The FLF Bigger Bash: International Rolling Stones' Fans Convention In The Netherlands

21 Jun 2006

The FLF Bigger Bash: International Rolling Stones' Fans Convention In The Netherlands

The Dutch Rolling Stones fanclub 'Forty Licks Fanclub' (FLF) is organising one of the biggest international Rolling Stones' fans conventions ever in 44 years of Stones history: the FLF Bigger Bash. This is to take place in the last week of July 2006 when the Stones play in Amsterdam. On July 30 the rock temple club Paradiso opens its doors for the FLF Bigger Bash.

Fans from all over the planet will be able to enjoy fashion, exclusive books, DVDs/CDs and films, Stones paraphernalia, exhibitions, art, a canal boat trip and, last but not least music: FLF presents Chris Jaggers' Atcha! and a performance by Bernard Fowler, Blondie Chaplin, Darryl Jones, Michael Davis, Kent Smith and Tim Ries. FLF is looking forward to meeting fans from all over the planet!

Alongside this, several art galleries in Amsterdam and Rotterdam will exhibit Stones (-related) art, such as the paintings of Ronnie Wood and the work of some of the finest Stones photographers.

The Amsterdam Bimhuis, one of the leading jazz venues in the Netherlands, is co-organising a unique jazz concert by the Rolling Stones saxophonist 'Tim Ries: The Rolling Stones Project' on July 29th.

Tickets for Tim Ries (€18) and the FLF Bigger Bash (€25) are available now. To order and for further information please visit

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