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Ronnie Wood: His Thoughts On TOTA '75!

14 Nov 2006

Ronnie Wood: His Thoughts On TOTA '75!

It has been a great pleasure to work with the Rolling Stones to produce TOTA '75. At Genesis we would like to say thank you to the band and all concerned for their great reactions so far.

Here is what Ronnie Wood had to say: "This book is incredible and it takes me right back to that first tour!" If you own a copy already, hopefully you will agree it is one of Genesis finest books ever.

If you have not yet ordered TOTA' 75, we recommend you do. It is truly a milestone in the Genesis catalogue. The book is, after all, some 30 years in the making...

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T.O.T.A. '75 - The Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas '75

T.O.T.A. '75

Christopher Sykes and the Rolling Stones

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