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Now These Days Are Gone Deluxe Sold Out

22 Mar 2006

Now These Days Are Gone Deluxe Sold Out

Bound in full red leather, with a set of three loose prints and signed by Richard Lester, the 350 Deluxe copies of Michael Peto's Now These Are Gone sold out in just three weeks.

"The book is simply magnificent. From the the great new book smell to the binding, to the content. I was blown away by the photos. How did these escape detection all these years?

"The book is really a fantastic time capsule to an era that will forever be a very special one for me and millions of others." - S. Baron, Subscriber, New York.

The book has proved an enormous success with customers: read some of their comments here. Collector copies are still available at the pre-publication price of £250. Please note that from April 1st, the full publication price of £295 will be applicable.

Photo: One of thousands of unseen images by Michael Peto, John Lennon pictured during the making of Help!, 1965.

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Now These Days Are Gone  'Help!' The Beatles Photography by Michael Peto

Now These Days Are Gone

Michael Peto


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