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Bigger Bash Exhibition Update

04 Aug 2006

T.O.T.A '75The Bigger Bash exhibition finished on the 31st with the Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang Tour hitting the Amsterdam Arena that evening. Genesis' own Tessa and David were in attendance and were overwhelmed with the response from fans that saw our latest Stones title, T.O.T.A '75.

"I never imagined the scope of that (the 1975 Tour of the Americas) tour before, the images really bring it to life - and Keith, I mean wow, in fact the whole band look fantastic - I hope tonight will be just as amazing!" - Mogens Vanderbilt, Amsterdam.

There were plenty of characters doing the rounds, fans that have a real passion for the Rolling Stones and their music. Which is something the Forty Licks Fanclub pride themselves on, "The FLF fan club events are well-known for their sociable and entertaining atmosphere, i.e. hanging out with other Stones fans, drinking a few beers together and enjoying the music of the greatest Rock 'n Roll band in the world."

Tessa and David also managed to get along to see the Stones live. It may be 30 years since their massive Tour of The Americas but they still put on a show described by David as "simply awesome".

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T.O.T.A. '75 - The Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas '75

T.O.T.A. '75

Christopher Sykes and the Rolling Stones

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