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Olivia Harrison Talks To La Times

11 Mar 2005

In advance of the LA launch of Concert for George at Taschen in Beverly Hills next week, Olivia Harrison talked to the Los Angeles Times about the book.
Here now, she lives for George
Widow Olivia Harrison's hands are full with the many projects started by the ex-Beatle.
By Randy Lewis
Times Staff Writer
March 9, 2005

Olivia Harrison likes to quip that were she to write a book about her 27 years with "the quiet Beatle," she'd call it "Never a Dull Moment."

George Harrison mixed his well-known passion for music and his quest for spiritual truth with utterly worldly penchants for auto racing, gardening and socializing with a zeal that seemed to run counter to the public image of a shy, inward-looking musician and family man who rarely made a splash in public after the Beatles broke up.

"People would say to him, 'You're not touring and you're not recording -- what do you do with yourself?' " says Olivia, a Southern California native who came into Harrison's life after his first marriage painfully and famously fell apart when his wife, Patti Boyd, fell in love with one of his best friends, Eric Clapton.

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