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Usa Beatlemania 40th Anniversary

16 Feb 2004

'America was the best. It was a dream, coming from Liverpool.' Ringo Starr

It was forty years ago, in 1964, when The Beatles triumphantly conquered America. For those wishing to own a lasting and magnificent souvenir of those historic times there is Mania Days, a fine limited edition featuring the wonderful photographs of Curt Gunther. Curt was one of the privileged few to travel with The Beatles on this their first major tour of America. He captures the extraordinary chaos and excitement surrounding the Beatles' lives at this time, beginning in August, where a frenzy of fans greeted them in San Francisco.

Forty years on, this fantastic collection of Beatles pictures landing at the airport, hanging out backstage and being chauffeured in countless limousines illustrates their unrivalled success and is a beautiful record of their time in America.

Suitably entitled Mania Days, the book is authorised and autographed by Gunther's son Steven.

Order Mania Days here.

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