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Postcards From The Boys Update/competition

27 Jan 2004

We would like to thank all those customers who have ordered Postcards From The Boys. Your order is very important to us. We really must apologise in advance for the delay in supplying your book. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with requests for this unique volume. We, and our bookbinders, are doing our very best to process the orders as efficiently as possible. However, there is a tremendous amount of hard work involved in the craft finishing of every copy and we would therefore ask that you be as patient as you are able in waiting for your weighty tome to arrive. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

When you do receive your copy of this limited edition we'd love to receive your comments on a postcard sent from your corner of the world. Naturally we'll be glad to pass these on to the author and we'll post a selection of them on our website. The most interesting and original card will be chosen and the sender will receive a Genesis limited edition as a prize.

Please address them to:

Genesis Publications Ltd.
2 Jenner Road

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