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Italy's Leading Paper Celebrates 30 Years Of Genesis

06 Apr 2004

Il Corriere della Sera, Italy's biggest selling newspaper, has published a three page feature on Genesis in its March edition of Io, the lifestyle magazine. The article follows the visit by a reporter and photographer to our Guildford home. It also contains very fine photos of Brian Roylance and Max sitting on the front door step as well as the team, modestly bearing books.

The article is very generous and is labelled as Precious Books ... 'not to be read on the tube, but bought at auctions at Christie's ... along with former literary people like P.G Wodehouse and Lewis Carroll, Genesis Publications is now the pride of Guildford ... a tiny publisher which has succeeded in becoming the envy of the big boys ... Genesis books are beautiful, heavy volumes to leaf through with reverence and trepidation, printed with antique techniques and the love of the artisan.'

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