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Ireland's Sunday Indy Flags This Is Anfield As 'stunning'

06 May 2004

In a warm and good-humoured review, Life Magazine, the Sunday Indy's weekend supplement has described This Is Anfield thus: 'it is as lavish and indulgent a book as you will ever see ... so stunningly presented that even the staunchest fans of Everton or Manchester United will be impressed...'

Evan Fanning continues; 'Anfield will offer more than just temporary respite from the relentless misery that Liverpool fans have been enduring... [it is] necessary to preserve the sanity of long-suffering Reds fans.'

The review ended by paying tribute to the Genesis oeuvre - 'Genesis also publish equally lavish and impressive books on many other areas such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and David Bowie'.

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