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Historic First For Genesis Productions And Genesis Publications

12 May 2004

VH1 will be running a Genesis advertisement for Thirty Flight Rock across four channels from 20:53 tonight. The advert conceived, produced, shot and scored by our head of Genesis Productions, Nick Roylance, makes Genesis history tonight (Wednesday, 12th May 2004) as our sponsor VH1 runs Nick's ad across VH1, VH1TMFUK and VH2 till 25th May 23:53h.

The 30 second commercial features photos of Hendrix, Lennon, Queen et al from the exhibition, and is the first broadcast work ever from our new TV division, Genesis Productions.

Click here for more information on Thirty Flight Rock.

Click here to see the commercial. [QuickTime movie, duration: 0'34", file size: 1.5Mb]

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