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Bbc Radio Enthuses Over Postcards

14 Jan 2004

BBC Radio this week praised Postcards From The Boys as 'so brilliantly produced' as well as 'unique and unusual'.

In his morning show on BBC Southern Counties, which reaches 80,000 listeners in Surrey, North East Hampshire and Brighton, presenter Neil Pringle had nothing but warm words for the book.

First, he told listeners about the great box which houses Postcards, then he went on to say how brilliantly it was produced and worth the price. He called Postcards 'amazing with comments that reveal an awful lot about Ringo. Also die-hard fans will want to get hold of a copy. Genesis Publications don't have to apologise for the cost.'

Pringle added that despite the dozens of books about The Beatles, there was certainly 'room for one more on the shelf as Postcards is so unique and unusual.'

He also brought into the conversation from the BBC's Liverpool studio, the webmaster of the Liverpool Beatles Fan Club website, David Bradford who was also very enthusiastic about the book.

'It's absolutely fantastic .. the anecdotes are fantastic' he told listeners. 'It gives a fabulous insight into Ringo, who has always been reluctant to do a biography or autobiography - unlike the other Beatles.'

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