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When We Was Fab Goes Into Production

04 Apr 2003

Astrid has made her image selection and printed all the photographs for the book. Next week work will begin on the layouts.

This is the reason why Astrid has chosen to make When We Was Fab, her last book:

'There have been so many books in the world that have printed my photographs, with or without my permission. My pictures have been published in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons: naturally because they're interesting to Beatle fans, some of whom wouldn't mind if a picture is out of focus as long as a Beatle is in it; or with the wrong crop so that George is cut out of the picture because they wanted only John; or simply because one of them was in the news and so a picture of mine would appear.

So I decided it was time to do one book in which I am totally involved so that it contains the pictures I like most, printed the way I would print them, even down to the text and design, with of course the help of Genesis, Brian and Ulf. The book is for people who are interested in photography in the Sixties and in the way I saw my friends and depicted them in the best way that I could.

Therefore, this book is me and that is why it will be the last one. The very last one.'

We plan to launch the book in Berlin in mid-July.

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