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04 Jul 2003

The Guardian, in a double review of our two Stones books, Pleased To Meet You and Wood on Canvas, wrote in the Guide on Saturday 28th June 2003:

"These are expensive but beautifully produced limited edition books opulently packaged."

"Pleased to Meet You captures an aura of druggy, dissolute menace backstage."

"In Wood on Canvas - Every Picture Tells a Story Ronnie Wood reminisces about his time in the Stones, Jeff Beck Group and The Faces, dolled up with paintings of the stars he's met along the way (Muddy Waters, Elvis and ex-flatmate Jimi Hendrix)."

"At £234 each these books are almost as decadent as the band's legendary excesses."

Also the July issue of the Reader's Digest has devoted two pages to George Martin on George Harrison and their deep friendship. This is the first time that the Digest has featured a Genesis book - Playback - and a welcome newcomer with its 49 language editions and 86 million readers world-wide.

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