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Chuck D's First Book of Art Now Available

12 Jul 2022

The highly anticipated special limited edition, Livin' Loud, which presents the first fine art book by the groundbreaking hip-hop pioneer, activist and artist, Chuck D, is now available to pre-order with the option of three different sets. 
'On tour we had a lot of hotel time. While some people might have decided to go out to a club or the hotel bar, I turned my room into an art studio.' Chuck D 
'Whether he focuses this talent on music, sports, political satire or even landscapes, Chuck is able to channel in his drawings the same immediacy, nuance, humanity, righteousness and power of his greatest recordings.' Tom Morello 
Everything from oil paintings of 1950s baseball fields to pencil sketches of music icons have been curated exclusively for Genesis Publications to create a striking kaleidoscope of his work. We are delighted to present Chuck D's drawings for the first time. This edition comes in three different art sets which is limited to 1,200 copies worldwide, each numbered and signed by the author. At over 300 artworks alongside a 13000-word manuscript in which Chuck D traces his musical and artistic trajectory, Livin' Loud is a revealing art collection from one of the greatest minds in hip-hop. A second volume, a reproduction Chuck D sketchbook, is included with every copy.
The first and most prestigious of the sets is the Artluxe, which is limited to just 50 copies. This short run sees each individual copy feature an original, never-before-seen piece hand-drawn and signed by the author.   
The Deluxe boxed set is limited to 350 copies, and features a set of three numbered prints of Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Run-DMC, all of which are signed by the artist.  
Lastly, the Collector boxed sets, limited to 800 copies, are accompanied by a numbered print of Public Enemy, hand-signed by the artist. 
All of the sets in this limited edition run are hand-bound and dispatched in December 2022. Order now at the pre-publication price to avoid missing out. 
Livin' Loud

Livin' Loud

Chuck D

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