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MOJO Magazine: Mike McCartney on Photography, The Beatles, and Liverpool Life

19 Mar 2021

In a MOJO exclusive, previously unseen photographs of the Beatles, which feature in Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool, have been revealed. Complementing these, an interview with Mike McCartney tells the story behind the photographs and the work going into his new limited edition book.

In Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool, McCartney reveals the secrets of Sixties and Seventies Liverpool through his photography, illustrations and commentary.

'McCartney's evocative photography reminds the viewer that these were indeed different times. Monumental cityscapes, bomb site and harbour views project romance atop the reality of [1960's] Liverpool' - MOJO

While recognising the historical importance of the central Liverpool characters that feature in his photographs, McCartney stresses that, 'Photography is not about famous people. It's about life.' The photographs in the book reiterate this point, allowing viewers to gain an insight into what it was like growing up in a post-war Liverpool and the cultural sensation that followed.

The full interview is available to read now, in the latest issue of MOJO.

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool is available to pre-order now.
Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney

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