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Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool: The Exhibition

28 Sep 2022

Only a few days remain to attend Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool: The Exhibition, which is currently running at Atlas Gallery in London until 1 October 2022.

It follows the release of Mike McCartney's edition, Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool, his 'definitive statement of a magic era,' as revealed through his photography, illustrations and fascinating commentary. His photographs on display at Atlas Gallery feature some of the earliest photographs of The Beatles, their rock 'n' roll idols and Mike's own group, Scaffold.

'I got into Surrealism through cinematography. Suddenly, as a young man, still at school, I saw these extraordinary mind-blowing visuals, defying normality.' - Mike McCartney

On Monday, Genesis and Mike hosted an intimate evening with Genesis subscribers at the gallery, and the following night, some of Mike McCartney's friends and family came to celebrate the photographs in person, including Sir Peter Blake, Mary McCartney and Scaffold bandmate Roger McGough. 

The limited edition prints on display at this exhibition are also available to purchase, including Paul Composing, Fab 4 Friends and John, Shadow and Light, all of which were made available to purchase on our website last week. Visitors to the exhibition will also get a chance to view Early Liverpool in person, as well as purchase a copy.

Mon - Fri 10.00AM - 6.00PM
Sat 11.00AM - 5.00PM
Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney


Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney


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