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Mandela to McCartney

08 Jan 2014

Mandela to McCartney

The National Portrait Gallery is currently holding an exhibition of photographs taken by the late Michael Peto in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Portraits of Nelson Mandela, Ian McKellen, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are joined by a photograph of The Beatles and Dick Lester (pictured left), first published in the Genesis limited edition NOW THESE DAYS ARE GONE.

The photo was taken in a recreation of Buckingham Palace during the making of Help! Filming was not allowed in the palace, so some scenes were shot in Cliveden House and others (that involved damage to the building) in a set built at Twickenham Studios. The Beatles and Dick Lester share their memories of filming in NOW THESE DAYS ARE GONE, which is available to buy here.

‘We would occasionally get stoned on the way to the film set. My main memory is of being in hysterics because for all of us, one of the great things about early pot was the sheer hysteria – the laughs. And nobody quite knew why we were laughing, and of course this made it even funnier.’ – Paul McCartney in NOW THESE DAYS ARE GONE

Now These Days Are Gone  'Help!' The Beatles Photography by Michael Peto

Now These Days Are Gone

Michael Peto


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