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Largest Exhibition of The Jam and Style Council Memorabilia Opens Its Doors This Weekend

27 Jul 2022

Described as 'the ultimate exhibition of previously unseen Jam and Style Council memorabilia', This Is The Modern World opens its doors to visitors this weekend. Curated by Paul Weller's sister, Nicky Weller, the exhibition in Brighton is the largest ever collection of memorabilia relating to Paul Weller's early career. 
'If you're a Jam fan there's every single thing you can possibly imagine, if you're not a fan it's still interesting as far as social history goes. If you're just a music fan it's just a noisy fun exhibition.' - Nicky Weller  
This Is The Modern World runs for one month only and is set in what is considered by many to be the Jam's spiritual home, Brighton. It was at the Brighton Centre that the Jam had their last performance. In his forthcoming book with Genesis, Magic: A Journal of Song, Paul Weller recounts his final days with The Jam. 
'The gigs were always so exciting, always violent and I suppose the music matched that as well. So, the gigs were a mixture of excitement and absolute fear sometimes.' - Paul Weller  
Needing a change, Paul Weller headed in a new direction with The Style Council and the exhibition also covers this time period. Visitors will be able to see Paul's school books, archive family photos, rare vinyl collections, iconic instruments, clothing and more.   
Tickets to this highly anticipated exhibition can be found here.  
To pre-order and find out more about Magic: A Journal of Song, click here.
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