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Jim Morrison Documentary To Delve Deeper Into His Collected Writings

13 Jul 2021

A new Jim Morrison documentary will take a closer look at the work Morrison created in addition to his work with The Doors, including poetry, art, and music. The film, which is in its earliest stage of development, is a collaboration between his estate and Jampol, whose work oversees the legacies of musicians. It will be produced by the independent studio, Gunpowder & Sky.
Best known as the frontman to The Doors, Morrison amassed a large body of work outside of the songs that featured on their albums. The film will draw on material from Morrison's personal notebooks and will be the first to focus on the musician separately from the band.
'All these decades everybody talked about Jim Morrison the rock star, which he certainly was. But we really felt it was time to even the playing field and talk about these other aspects of Jim, which were either not as known or celebrated or discussed.' - Jeff Jampol
The news follows the recently announced official multimedia boxed set, of which Morrison's notebooks have also provided inspiration. A Guide to the Labyrinth: The Collected Works of Jim Morrison is a large-format volume in which more than 600 pages of poetry are presented, as well as lyrics, essays and ideas. Illustrated with over a hundred rare photographs, drawings, and items of memorabilia, Morrison's commentary narrates the collection, sourced from archival interviews. Produced in collaboration with his estate, the limited edition is an unparalleled document of Morrison's work. 
A Guide to the Labyrinth: The Collected Works of Jim Morrison is available to pre-order now.
A Guide to the Labyrinth The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

A Guide to the Labyrinth

Jim Morrison


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