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Jerry Lee Lewis, 1935 - 2022

31 Oct 2022

Renowned rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away at age 87. A pioneer of the genre, who was known for such songs as 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On' and 'Great Balls of Fire', was one of the last survivors of rock's golden age. 
Mike McCartney fondly remembers Jerry Lee Lewis in his book, Early Liverpool
I later showed Jerry the photograph above and he said, 'Mike, I love it! Great singing shot.' I had to tell him that he wasn't singing. A load of fans had climbed on the stage, including me because I wanted to try out my new flash. What he was actually doing was saying, 'Get these fucking kids off the stage or I ain't going on!' ... Click! 
Jerry had a great sense of humour. I once caught him combing his famous Brylcreemed hair and said, 'That's the pic!' 'No, Mike,' he replied, sticking the greasy comb to his forehead, 'This is the pic!' - Mike McCartney

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