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Jeff Beck Talks About BECK01

12 Jul 2016

Jeff Beck Talks About BECK01

In his recent interview with Rock Cellar magazine, Jeff Beck reveals the process that has led to his new book, BECK01, with Genesis Publications.

Beck explains: "Pictures are amazing. Even just blurred pictures tell a story. So we chose the ones that are the most pertinent to the particular era we were trying to illustrate."

He continued to talk about the book's evolution and how he has contributed his words to the book: "The Genesis folks got me talking, and they were very good listeners. A good listener is the worst thing, because they get you talking too much. They got so much information. I wanted a book where every page was a full-page picture and just left viewer with their jaw dropped, wondering, 'What's going on here?'

"But they wanted something to outline each story and make the book flow a little bit, and I think they've done a wonderful job."

Rock Cellar magazine calls BECK01 "an exquisite limited edition book", in which "Beck comes across as witty and insightful, showing a side of himself that most fans have never been privy to."

To find out more about BECK01, click here.

BECK01 Hot Rods and Rock & Roll


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