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Janis Joplin's Iconic Album, Pearl, Turns 50

11 Jan 2021

Today marks 50 years since the release of Janis Joplin's final album, Pearl. To celebrate, the Janis Joplin Estate have announced a special anniversary edition of the iconic album. The LP boxset has been remastered from the original master tapes and is limited to only 7,500 copies.

Janis teamed up with the Full Tilt Boogie band to create some of her most loved songs which delighted fans and secured the album's spot on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Times. Songs on the 1971 album included a cover of Kris Kristofferson's 'Me and Bobby McGee' and 'Mercedes Benz'.

As an album that captured the essence of the first female rock star, Pearl has an important place in music history. The album sold over four million copies and has been certified 4x Platinum. The 50th Anniversary edition is now available.

The story of Janis Joplin's rise to fame is being documented in the new Genesis signed limited edition, Janis Joplin: Days and Summers. For the first time Janis's scrapbook, in which she kept a personal record of her journey, is revealed. Alongside the scrapbook, friends and those who she inspired share their memories of her extraordinary life. Janis Joplin: Days and Summers is available to pre-order now.
Janis Joplin: Days & Summers Scrapbook 1966-68

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Janis Joplin


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