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Jackie Stewart's 'Glorious Book' featured in Daily Mail

25 Nov 2014

Jackie Stewart's 'Glorious Book' featured in Daily Mail
Sir Jackie Stewart spoke to the Daily Mail about his life in Formula One, including his campaign for racing safety, his 52-year marriage to Helen Stewart, and his limited edition book with Genesis Publications. You can read the full article by clicking here. For more information and to order Jackie Stewart’s COLLAGE, click here.

‘He has bittersweet memories of his career, a time illustrated in a glorious book containing scrapbook moments from his life.’ – Daily Mail

Jackie Stewart has also commented on Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday. Hamilton is now one of only four Brits to win two world titles, and is one title away from Stewart’s record of three wins.

‘It’s a great victory for him and a great victory for Britain.’ – Jackie Stewart

Above: ‘This double magnum had been left out in the sun during the French Grand Prix. When I won someone said, "Pour the champagne into the trophy.” So I opened it and because it was warm it went everywhere. That started a tradition that’s carried on ever since.’ – Jackie Stewart
Collage Jackie Stewart's Grand Prix Album


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