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I Me Mine in Billboard Magazine

11 Apr 2017

I Me Mine in Billboard Magazine

The new I Me Mine – The Extended Edition is featured in Billboard magazine this month, with an interview with Olivia Harrison about its creation.

At the launch of I Me Mine –The Extended Edition in LA, Olivia spoke of gathering Harrison’s lyrics, finding some in Billy Preston’s piano bench, and discovering a new song entitled ‘Hey Ringo’. This song, never before seen, was shown to Ringo for the first time at the launch, and will now take its place in his archive.

‘I love it. The book is as complete as we could make it. I've been trying to do it for three or four years.’ – Olivia Harrison on I Me Mine – The Extended Edition

To read the full interview with Olivia Harrison, click here. To find out more about I Me Mine ­– The Extended Edition, click here.

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