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Henry Diltz Talks CSN&Y in New York Times Interview

15 Nov 2023

In a New York Times interview that reveals his process, Henry Diltz discusses his illustrious history of photographing some of the greatest figures of rock'n'roll, not least Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
In this exclusive feature, Diltz talks about how he met Stephen Stills in 1963 at the Village Gate in New York, meeting Crosby a year later and Nash a few years after that. Hitting things off with Nash, he photographed the Hollies and to his shock and surprise, the image became the cover for their fifth album, For Certain Because....
'The book is a visual history of one band, a document of the '60s and their long aftermath, and a record of Diltz's own years of service at the front lines of the counterculture.' - The New York Times
The article then continues on to mention the legendary history of the self-titled Crosby, Stills & Nash album with the iconic couch photograph of the band. Upon getting the photos back, they realised that they were sitting in the wrong order and decided to go back for another shoot, only to discover the house had been entirely bulldozed.
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