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Henry Diltz Remembers David Crosby

18 Jan 2024

Today marks the first anniversary of the passing of the legendary David Crosby. Renowned for his exceptional talent, Crosby's legacy extends beyond his role in iconic groups like The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. His unique voice and memorable songwriting touched the hearts of generations.
Reflecting on his friend's passing, Henry Diltz has sent this message to share with Genesis subscribers today:
'David Crosby was a big presence in our music community. A good presence, a fun presence and a one of a kind presence. He always spoke his mind no matter what and he sang like an angel. We wish he was still here among us!' - Henry Diltz
Please join us in appreciating some of Henry's finest photographs of Crosby as we commemorate the enduring impact of his musicianship, magical melodies and poetic verses.

Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds at Monterey Pop, 1967
'Stephen asked if I would sit in with the Springfield at Monterey. I said, 'Hell, yes. I'll do it.' So I sang with the Byrds, andthen, for a grand total of 45 minutes, I was in Buffalo Springfield.' - David Crosby

David Crosby at the Renaissance Faire, 1967
'It was like a Love-In. There were all these hippies and you could smoke pot and people were playing music... So I took this one portrait of David Crosby. It was an amazing experience. It really felt like a renaissance.' - Henry Diltz

David Crosby and Eric Clapton at Cass Elliot's Picnic, 1968
'We were sitting out under the little birch trees at the edge of the lawn, playing guitars... It was a bunch of friends hanging out. Cass was a lovely hostess.' - Henry Diltz

CSN&Y, 1969
'It was scary. But once we knew what we had, you could not pry us apart with a crowbar. We knew we'd lucked into something so special, man.' - David Crosby

Big Bear California, 1969
'I think that the picture of David, Stephen and me at Big Bear surrounded by the glow of the setting sun is one of Henry's most magical shots.' - Graham Nash

The 'Couch Album', 1969
'We wanted to do this thing with our voices, because it worked. And we had songs - really good songs. We knew we had our own sound.' - David Crosby

Radisson Hotel, 1970
'I just went click, click, click, and got a few pictures of him with an American flag in the shape of a gun pointed to his temple - like he was daring the government to come and get him.' - Henry Diltz

If I Could Remember Your Name Photoshoot, 1971
'I don't think it's right to call it a solo album because I got an awful lot of help from my friends.' - David Crosby

Crosby & Nash Live, 1973
'You can't get away from your brothers. I didn't have any brothers, so I adopted some... I mean, we all lead different lives, but nobody can understand what I'm after when I hit a stage as well as David and Graham.' - Stephen Stills

David Crosby Backstage, 1999
'We just wrote songs about what mattered to us. But we had strong value systems and what mattered to us was very essential stuff. We weren't writing 'June, moon, spoon'. We were writing about stuff that really mattered.' - David Crosby

CSNY2K Tour, 2000
'When CSN&Y were playing a particular song in their twenties, you never thought, 'Well, when they're 65, 75, 80, they'll still be singing it!'' - Henry Diltz

CSN&Y Love the One You're With


Henry Diltz, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and over 20 contributors


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