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Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney

18 Jun 2020

Today, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney turns 78 and we wish him many happy returns of the day. Age, though, does not slow this legend down. Just recently he announced the upcoming release of a special Archive Collection for his solo album Flaming Pie, which was first released 23 years ago. At the time, McCartney called his tenth studio solo album a "refresher course" in The Beatles Anthology - the iconic book of the same name was of course produced by Genesis Publications in 2000. In Flaming Pie's liner notes, McCartney said:

"The Beatles Anthology [project] reminded me of the Beatles' standards and the standards that we reached with the songs. So in a way it was a refresher course that set the framework for this album."

The special edition will be available from July 31.

Sir Paul features as a contributor in another iconic Genesis edition, Blinds & Shutters: The Story of the Sixties by Michael Cooper. Blinds & Shutters is a mind-expanding journey through the Sixties, internationally acclaimed as the definitive cult chronicle of that decade. With scores of anecdotes and first hand narratives to accompany the photographs, the text from the book's 93 contributors amounts to 30,000 words.

'It's difficult to separate The Beatles from the fashion or the culture. It was all happening at once, as a kind of whirlpool.' - PAUL McCARTNEY

Blinds & Shutters is a unique collective account of an era by the people that defined it. Copies are still available to buy here.
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Blinds & Shutters

Michael Cooper

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Blinds & Shutters The Story of the Sixties

Blinds & Shutters

Michael Cooper


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