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Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

26 Jul 2021

Today, Mick Jagger celebrates his 78th birthday. For six decades, the singer-songwriter has enjoyed an incredible career in music, not just as one of the most iconic frontmen in history, but also as a successful solo musician. Most recently, Jagger teamed up with Dave Grohl to create the pandemic-inspired single, 'Easy Sleazy'. The single is a tongue-in-cheek look back at the effect the pandemic has had on our social liberties while celebrating the end in sight.
Bandmate Ronnie Wood wished Jagger a Happy Birthday on Twitter, sharing two of his past portraits of the legendary musician. Wood, who has been creating artworks for many decades, produced a series of artworks illustrating the set lists of the Rolling Stones, featured in the limited edition, The Rolling Stones Set Lists. The edition contains over 100 painted set-lists from their tours around the world.
Like many bands, The Rolling Stones have had to postpone their most recent tour due to the pandemic. However, fans will be delighted to hear that the group have just announced their new tour dates, with their 2020 US tour now due to take place this autumn.
To find out more about The Rolling Stones Set Lists, click here.
The Rolling Stones Set Lists

The Rolling Stones Set Lists

Ronnie Wood

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