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Forthcoming Led Zeppelin Documentary is Complete

05 Aug 2021

The upcoming Led Zeppelin documentary, announced back in May 2019, is finally complete. Bernard MacMahon - the film's director, best known for his documentary series American Epic - confirmed the news on August 2.
The documentary is the only official, authorized Led Zeppelin documentary in history. It was originally set to mark the band's 50th anniversary in 2018, but due to the pandemic, the documentary was postponed.
Becoming Led Zeppelin does not have an official release date yet, though some exciting details have been announced. Interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones will feature, as well as rare, archival interviews with the late John Bonham, which will be weaved into the documentary. MacMahon stated that the visual and audio archival footage featured took years of restoration.
Speaking about Becoming Led Zeppelin, MacMahon said in a statement: "Through an intense search across the globe and years of restoration of the visual and audio archive found, this story is finally able to be told."
"Becoming Led Zeppelin is a film that no one thought could be made."
Upon the announcement of the documentary, Jimmy Page stated, "when I saw everything Bernard had done both visually and sonically on the remarkable achievement that is American Epic, I knew he would be qualified to tell our story."
It will cover the entirety of Led Zeppelin's career, from the band's formation in London in 1968, when their concerts were known to have a running time of over four hours, to the well-known recording of Led Zeppelin III, when Page and Plant retired to a remote cottage in Wales, to the band's peak of fame in the mid-seventies when they were acknowledged as the biggest and most influential group in the world.
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